SAMS Football Tryouts

Nikon D1H
300 f/2.8 AF

For practice I went to the South Asheboro Middle School football tryouts, before shooting a real football game. There were kids running all over the place catching the football. So, I got my knees dirty and practiced my timing. I shot jpeg. fine using, who knows what shutter speed in the afternoon, at only f/2.8.

Milano Magazine Advertisement

Sinar F1
hot lights
4x5 ektachrome film
Polaroid Back
Polaroid Type 55 Film
Epson Scanner

For the final assignment in my Product Lighting I had to choose a product advertisement from a magazine. I chose the Milano cookie ad. I went to Walmart to purchase the background, which is a black and white wash cloth. I bought the white and black pearls at Hobby Lobby. And of course the double sided black and white cookies came from the grocery store. I placed everything out on the ground according to the photograph I saw in the magazine, because I needed the hot lights to be high to avoid shadows. I believe I shot this image using 2 hot lights. Both hot lights were about 8 feet above the objects, pointing downwards. From the refelctions in the pearls, you can see I used a scrim infront of the hot light, which is located towards lighting the right middle. The second light was placed towards the top right of the objects and I blocked off almost all light, so no flare would interfere with the image.