Photo Assisting

This past weekend (May 24-28) I assisted a Sports Illustrated photographer, David Bergman, at the Senior PGA Championship located at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Here are some photos of me carrying David's equipment and riding in the blimp over The Ocean Course in Kiawah Island.

Joe Ferebee

Canon 30D
2 White Lightning Heads
2 Soft Boxes
1 Warming Gel
Pocket Wizzards
1 baseball bat and ball :-)

For Our State Magazine I was assigned to photograph a legendary baseball coach, Joe Ferebee. Before I went to photograph I thought of many ideas and sketched them out. So, on the baseball field and at Joe's house, he saw my ideas and it helped him recreate them.


Nikon D1H

I went to a high school baseball game last week with one shot in mind... this one. I've seen it done before, but I just wanted to see how hard it was to get... I manually focused on an area of grass between the pitcher and the batter. When I thought the pitcher had thrown the ball in that focused area I snapped a shot... It really wasn't too hard to do but I kept shooting to see if I could get the ball sharp enough to read what was printed on it. In this shot the ball is pretty sharp, but not exactly sharp enough to read the fine print, but I still like the outcome.