Business Portrait

Nikon D1H
2 White Lightening Heads
1 285Q Light
1 Pink Gel
Pocket Wizzards

In my photojournalism class I had an assignment to photograph someone who owns a business. It took me a while to remember this lady who owned a tanning salon. I have seen a couple of images like this one I had in mind. I liked the composition and perspective so I went with the idea and made it my own. At first I wanted to shoot with the tanning bed lights on, but the exposure would have been way too crazy. My exposure was 1/250 at f/22 and ISO 200. All my lights were turned down as low as they could go, so turning the tanning bed lights on would've been bad. The room I was in was the biggest tanning bed room (but was really small). The walls were a peachy, orange color, which is why I choose the pink gel. But anyways, I set one WL on a chair to the left of the tanning bed (pointed towards my subject). I layed the 285Q on the right side of the tanning bed edge (pointed towards my subject). The 2nd WL was laying on the floor (with the pink gel) pointing up towards the wall behind my subject. And with all that done, all I added was my subject.

Valentines Day Care

Canon 30D
When everyone came into class on Valentine's Day we were told to go out and get some Valentine's photographs. At first I wanted to go to a florist, but the florist wouldn't let us shoot (though they let another student shoot, but whatever) and we couldn't find the other florist in Asheboro. But, it's alright because everyone else in class went to a florist. So then our next idea was to go to Asheboro High School. We called the HS but they said we couldn't take photos of any students, so that kind of defeated the purpose. So we started driving around, then I remembered a day care that was near my apartment. I was surprised the day care would let us photograph the children and the HS wouldn't. But, it was fun to photograph and I will be going back.