Sports Portrait

Nikon D1H
2- 285Q
Light Stand
Vivitar Soft Box
Pocket Wizzards

For photojournalism we all had to select one person who competes in a sport and come up with a unique portrait that demonstrates the atheletes abilities. I chose to photograph McKayla Hayes, age 11. I set up one 285Q to the left of the frame with the soft box on it, pointed towards her face. The second 285Q was held right above her head pointing down on her face as well. I shot at ISO 200, f/5.0 and with a shutter speed of about 1/60?? I kept increasing the shutter speed because I wanted the background to be dark and only her in the light, so im not sure exactly what shutter speed I was at for this shot.


craig said...

nice light, nice mug. what was in the back ground and why semi in focus? like the lines and the reach to the borders

Sarah said...

wow... i really like this... so unique and an amazing portrait. the lighting is really nice, and the split light works well. i like the darkened background, because it makes the light hitting her body stand out really nicely. good use of 285's!

doug said...

Great job Kasey,
I like how the angle of flash outlines the subject and seperates her from the background.I like that my attention goes to the eyes first.

elisahenry said...

again, way to make it interesting. love the lighting & lines of her arms.