Canon 30D
100mm AF f/2

First of all, the lighting at UNCG is great and I didn't have to set up any lighting equipment... After hearing that UNCG had an upper balcony that was right over the basketball goal, I really wanted to go there and shoot some photos like these. At first I was shooting with my 18-55mm but the composition was just too loose and far away. Then I remembered that the photographer at my internship let me borrow his 100mm, so I tried that lens and it was perfect. All the images are full frame except the last two. Those photos had some negative space that needed to be cropped out. I kept my focus on the rim of the goal, but I wish I would have closed down to a larger f/stop because I would've liked to see the players and the ball a lot sharper. Maybe I'll get the chance to try it again sometime.

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