Large Format From 1st Year

Large Format Camera
Kodak E100 4x5 film

I found these 4x5 positives and scanned them in at school. They were shot during my first year, during large format class. I know they aren't the best photos in the world, I just thought it was cool to see them again.


Joel Randolph said...

The lighting is great on both of these photos. I like the top one better.

Sarah said...

nice lighting... how about shooting sports large format? haha... good work!

NewPerspectivesPhotographer said...


Beautiful colors. The saturation and detail is striking. A slightly stronger composition in them and you'd have great shots...redo the project? see what you get?

Anonymous said...

i really like the light. the colors are rich. good job. actually makes me miss large format a little.just a little.

Rebecca said...

I miss large format too. I am so happy that you will be working with the PGA this summer. I think it will open AMAZING doors for you. The photo world really needs a super talented female sports shooter such as yourself..