RCC Idol

Canon 30D
White Lightnings
Zoom Recorder
Minidisc Recorder

RCC held their own version of American Idol and I decided to do a soundslides on the event. I set up two white lightnings on each side of the stage and there was already a clean white background behind each singer.


duane said...

im so annoyed i didn't shoot this. check your parameters. there is some extra white border.

Anonymous said...

haha, rcc is a funny place. way to take on a fun project..i didn't even know about it. (duane is right about the borders i do believe) good job:)

NewPerspectivesPhotographer said...

Nice job. Great topic. It easily lends itself to humor. I like the way you began and ended the show with the icons popping in and out. Some varied angles would add interest I think as would (or)maybe a super tight and and wider of each person or just varying tight and wide a little more dramatically. But nice job, it was enjoyable.

Robert W. Brafford III said...

That was SO damn funny! Thank you!