NC High School Basketball Championship

Canon 30D
Nikon D1H
I went to photograph the NC High School Basketball Championships in the Dean Dome at UNC for the Carolina Peacemaker. I used the Canon 70-200mm for the game photos and fan photos. After South View defeated Grimsley I used the Nikon 17-35mm to get close up photographs of the celebration.


Sarah said...

you've got some really great little moments in here, and lots of emotion. good job at getting some great features at a game!

ProfessorPDM said...

Kasey -- well done. I like the variety and fan reaction. Way to get Total Coverage.

NewPerspectivesPhotographer said...

Great shots. Great package.

I love the top two fan shots..the angles are great...makes me feel like they're really leaning's unique and it works well.

duane said...

nice set. it conveys the night. maybe 1 image was repetitious. the one withe the award. other than that...swell.