Rich's Tree Service

Nikon D1H
300 AF 2.8
Canon 30D

This guy was cutting down a tree behind my apartment complex and the sun was right behind him. The clouds were moving a lot so I kept getting different exposures, flare, and a different background... I wanted to do a sillouette and a regular photo, so I took many shots of each...


Sarah said...

great images, i love the silhouette! makes for a nice feature. way to work a subject until you got it just how you wanted (ethically, of course!).

Anonymous said...

this is awesome kasey. i love the top photo with all the wood flying all over the place. you made something uninteresting totally interesting. well done.

NewPerspectivesPhotographer said...

I loooooooove the silhouette! Great graphic representation and great moment. Nothing else to say, just a great shot!