A&T Step Show

Nikon D1H

During A&T's homecoming there were many events going on for the students to go to and participate in. One of the events was a Sorority Step-Show located at the Greensboro coliseum. This event was yet another interesting event to photograph. When I first got to the coliseum the people running the step show thought I were suspicious and wouldn't let me go in until the "big man" came to assist me. So, once the "big man" came he noticed all my lighting equipment I had to set up and he said I wasn't allowed to do any sort of flashing. I knew it was going to be dark in there and I thought, well, what's the point in even trying to get something. But, I went in to check it out and the lighting was good, but... only for like a split second because they were strobes of many different colors, which kept changing like every second (like at a concert). So, getting a decent lit image was a challenge.

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