A&T Swim Meet

Nikon D1H

Shooting A&T's swim meet was a lot of fun for me, I dont know why, but I enjoy shooting swimming. When I first got to A&T's swim meet I noticed these two balconys on each end of the pool and I immediately thought I wanted to put my two 285Qs on each side and pop the swimmers at both angles. But, there was a gate over the entrance to get to the balcony and the man with the key was not there, so that idea was trash. So, I looked around to get another idea and I noticed how along the side of the pool (opposite the window side) there was a white wall and CLICK! it all registered. So, I set up a 285Q on a light stand and pointed it high up on the wall and just bounced my light onto the swimmers. Good thing the white wall was there cause the lighting there was bad and I would've had to use on camera flash.

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